ammunition tooling specialists

Our ammunition tooling produces some of the most accurate ammunition on the market.

(Targets shown are 10 rounds each of 9mm-115gr FMJ's at 25 yards)


Big or Small, we Tool them all!

 Lou-Jan Tool & Die has provided ammunition tooling packages for most major transfer press builders, market leading ammunition manufacturers and many start up companies throughout the United States.

 Our experience, constant Research and Development and continuous Process Improvement has allowed us to provide ammunition tooling that runs much faster than current industry norms and with better precision.  Tooling material choices, specialized coatings and proper lubrication all extend tooling life making tooling wear minimal for low maintenance costs. Speed, efficiency and long tooling life increase your bottom line. 

 In House Start to Finish

 Design, Prototyping, Development, Building, Debugging, Grooming with continued in-field support

Proven tooling lines for many projectile weights and calibers

Custom tooling to fit your new or used machines

In house or on site training

Consultation services available